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All of our instructors are certified and have an extensive background in sports and fitness under their belt. Each of them have undergone professional training in order to provide our students of a safe and fun environment.

Every instructor has their own teaching style, but we do recommend trying out every class to see which suits your needs best. And if you have any questions or special areas you’d personally like to work on, they are all friendly experts who are more than willing to share any tips and tricks that can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Fitness has been in Aoife’s blood since the early age of 3. She started with dancing, which she won many titles and awards with, followed by years of extensive training in pole fitness and martial arts into her adult life. She currently holds a 2nd Dan Black belt in kickboxing and is already working towards her 3rd Dan grading. In addition, she is a Level 4 Personal Trainer and has been instructing with BootCamp Ireland for many years. She’s been a certified pole instructor since 2006, having co-owned Twirl Studios for … years and currently owning Flow Fitness since 2017.

With her fitness background, Aoife has been able to create a second career for herself as a stunt performer and stunt driver since 2010. She has worked on major TV shows like Vikings and Penny Dreadful, and doubled actresses such as Ellen Page in The Cured (2017), Evanna Lynch in My Name Is Emily (2015), Anna Friel in I.T. (2016), and Lily Collins in Love, Rosie (2014).

To top it off, Aoife received the amazing opportunity to personally train Sebastian Stan, who depicts “Bucky” Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier in the Avengers movies, during his time in Ireland in 2016. She recently doubled Julia-Louis Dreyfus in her latest movie Downhill (2019). Aoife still considers this as her proudest fitness achievements to date.


Kasia is our elegant Polish beauty, whose background includes ballet, yoga, aerial-hoop, gymnastics, and a near professional career in handball.

Don’t be fooled by her grace, though, because Kasia is a fan of the ‘good pain’. She is not afraid to take her students to their limits and beyond. As a fan of vast results, Kasia considers feeling tired, bruised and having sore muscles as evidence that you are heading in the right direction to bettering yourself. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zones and expand your limits, Kasia’s classes are the ones you’d want to join.


Laura is our fabulous instructor from our very own fair city.

Her love for fitness knows no boundaries. Her background consists of competitive swimming, where she won a medal for Leinster, and only adds on to the rest: strength training, TRX, Bootcamps, mountain biking, hiking, running, pole fitness, silks, and trapeze. Her fit lifestyle helped her complete the Dublin Marathon in under 4 hours.

For Laura, determination is key. If you have certain goals you’d like to reach, she will be able to help you get there while exploring new fitness boundaries. Her strength and determination is contagious, and you will definitely catch some of it during her classes.


Mandy is an Elite Amateur Boxer with 20+ years of experience in martial arts. Her specialization lies with taekwondo, kickboxing, and fitness.

Her extensive fitness background and expertise in martial arts contributes to her skills and enthusiasm as a personal trainer.

On a weekly basis, Mandy teaches boxing and non-contact fitness boxing classes at the Ballybrack Boxing.

If you are looking to get in shape and aren’t afraid of a bit of tough love, Mandy’s your girl.


Born and bred in Dublin with a love for a travel and a head for business, Sarah also has the strength and flexibility for pole.

Small but fierce, Sarah’s immense strength for pole fitness has only complimented her flexibility, causing her muscles to stretch like a rubber band. Do not let that scare you though, because Sarah’s skills have all come together after years of hard work. Her love for travel has facilitated her to train with other professionals and pick up tips & tricks from classes around the world, which she now incorporates into her teachings.

Along with her stretching techniques, you are guaranteed to improve your flexibility while building strength. Add Sarah’s infectious bubbly personality to the mix and you are bound to have plenty of laughs, which will make you forget about your sore muscles! Even if it’s just for a minute.


Helena is our tall beauty, who brings Spinning Pole Fitness to Flow Fitness.

Helena has a background in Pilates, Hiking and Running. She loves to challenge herself and has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Once she started Pole Fitness, she immediately caught the pole bug and hasn’t stopped spinning since.

If you’re interested in spins, smooth transitions and flowy movements around the pole, Helena’s class is for you!

The classes will take you from a complete spin-beginner to feeling like a prima ballerina! This is a course not to be missed, helping build strength, co-ordination, stamina and confidence!