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FAQ updated due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please read below carefully.

We get many questions from prospective and current students, so we compiled the most common ones on one page. Please read the FAQ below, yours may already be answered here!

If not, feel free to contact us to have your other questions answered.

Due to Covid-19 we now recommend all of our students to bring their own yoga mats, along with towels, additional cloths for pole/to clean your mats, face masks, hand sanitizers, and water bottles. We currently adhere to social distancing and kindly ask you to not share any of the above items with your classmates to avoid contamination. If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to your instructor.

Pole Fitness

How do I prepare for my first class?
For your first class we recommend you to bring a water bottle, a towel, hand sanitizer, and to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. When you get to class, make sure to introduce yourself to the instructor. If you suffer from any current injuries or have a had injuries in the past, please make sure to let the instructor know.

If you feel uncomfortable or insecure, don’t be afraid to let the instructor know. We are here to provide you of a fun and safe environment, and you will not be forced to do any moves if you are physically uncomfortable/insecure.

What do I wear to class?
It is recommended to wear exercise clothing you feel comfortable in. Bear in mind that some moves are easier to accomplish the more skin you show, which means shorts can come in quite handy.

Can I bring my own heels?
Our usual classes do not incorporate heels so, especially for beginners, we do not recommend to bring them. However, we do organize Hips & Heels workshops for this as we find it important to ensure that beginners are properly taught how to incorporate their heels safely into pole fitness.

However, when you’re more experienced, feel free to bring them to class to start practicing at your own risk.

What else should I bring?
Please bring a towel, hand sanitizer, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated

I think warm ups and cool downs are unnecessary. Can I skip them?
Absolutely not. Like any other fitness class, warm ups are necessary to prepare the body for the upcoming workout. This will gradually speed up your heartbeat and gets the blood pumping quicker at a safe pace, to prevent any injuries or fainting. Cool downs are necessary to prevent the blood from pooling and any muscular injuries from the workout.

What if I’m late to class?
If you know you’re going to be late beforehand, please let the instructor know via Whatsapp or Facebook so they can account for it. Once you come in, please make sure to warm up properly and follow class without disrupting your classmates

What if I miss a class because I’m sick?
Please let the instructor know beforehand so they can keep track of head count. We allow catch ups over the week during other classes, but please make sure to contact your instructor about make up classes, as some of the classes can already be full.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment in cash or via bank transfer. Classes/Courses must be paid prior to attendance.

Are men allowed to join classes?
Of course! Our classes are open to anyone who wants to join.

Can I have my own pole?
Due to the studio size and the amount of students in a class, we cannot guarantee that you will have your own pole. In addition, we find it important that our students share a pole in order to spot each other.

What is ‘spotting’?
Spotting basically means that you have a buddy who keeps an eye on you when you’re doing a move. For safety measures, we ensure that all our students have a buddy. This is usually someone you share a pole with.

No matter how many times you’ve done a move or how confident you are with them, safety comes first. Even the most experienced professionals can still slip or fall.

If you are not comfortable with people touching you, please make sure to inform the instructor before the class starts.

Can I do ‘that move’ I seen on Instagram?
Our classes are structured in a way that will help you build up strength and flexibility in a safe manner, in a way that suits your body. Pole fitness is more than just about getting into the move for a split second for a picture, it’s about mastering it by yourself. If you lack the basic strength required for a move, we do not recommend trying it right off the bat.

Please bear in mind that you are expected to follow the instructor’s lesson plan during class. Any untaught moves are practiced at your own risk.


What do I wear to class? Wear whatever you feel comfortable in when exercising. Pilates is a slow burning workout, but do not underestimate it!

What do I bring to class? Pretty much the usual: towel, water bottle, and your good sense of humour. Feel free to bring your own mat, if you prefer.

Can pregnant women join this class? Sorry, unfortunately we currently do not offer classes for pregnant students. However, if you are postnatal, this class is friendly for you too!

Park Fit

What do I wear?
Please wear comfortable exercise clothing. Bear in mind that Park Fit takes place outdoors, so it’ll be weather dependent. Please make sure to bring sufficient layers in case it’s a bit more chilly.

What should I bring?
In addition, don’t forget to bring a towel and a water bottle.

Where is this being held?
Our park fit classes are held during the spring/summer, in parks in Dublin. This can vary per year.


How will I know when your workshops are being held?
Please follow us on our Facebook page for upcoming workshops and events. If you are interested in joining any of them, feel free to contact us.

How can I arrange an event with you?
Please contact Aoife via Facebook or email.

What do personal/private training sessions entail?
If you wish to start training, but you don’t really know how to get started or need some extra motivation, then our instructors can provide you of one-on-one training sessions.

During these session, you can outline your goals and timeline. In turn, they will be able to come up with a class plan and dietary advice.